The idea of connecting so deeply with another human while in a deep psychedelic trance is sensational.

Hmmmm, why would these companies want to prevent access to a natural and medicinal plant?

The use of ancient psychedelic substances was intended to alter ordinary consciousness or achieve an advanced trance state.

Decreasing brain activity that generates a sense of "self" allows our consciousness to expand.

This short film took 300,000 photos of riots, wildfires, paintings in abandoned houses, two years and zero graphics to make.

The DEA is a police and propaganda agency that has been impeding and ignoring the science on marijuana and other drugs for over four decades. Nobody should be afraid of the truth.

The market has spoken and the market is toking.

I hope studies like this continue to pop up for cannabis and psychedelics so that we may learn more about how these substances affect us and how we may use them to our advantage.

A father with extreme cluster headaches turns to shrooms for medical relief.


The climb rises 2,500 feet to the summit of El Toro. It could be the most difficult rope-less climb in history.

After a new study, scientist have found that cats, dogs and many other mammals may see in ultraviolet light.
Drawing Advice From Leonardo da Vinci | Third Monk image 1

Good practice must test us and stretch our abilities right up to the edge of frustration

A CT scan revealed a fully detailed skeletal structure of a devout individual sitting in the lotus meditative position residing within the ancient Buddha statue.

Find out how the gang of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia made their creative dreams come true with just a $200 pilot... oh, and talent.

These gifs are totally trippy and I think you may gain some knowledge through osmosis while you watch the mathematical magic unfold.