These fatalities have gore and nostalgia packed into one. We take you back to the days when video games ran on 16-bits, more than enough to tear shit up.

Mortal Kombat – Fatalities (Sega Version)

Nothing kicks off a good nostalgic 16-bit gore fest like Mortal Kombat. Enter the code for the blood, listen for Scorpions “Get Over Here” then start finishing your opponents.

Mortal Kombat II – Fatalities (Sega Version)

Mortal Kombat II did everything MK I did but better, more characters translates to more ways to decimate your foe.

Primal Rage – Fatalities

It’s like a history lesson and yes everyone does die in history, but in Primal Rage they die in style.

Eternal Champions – Overkills

Eternal Champions has gore, finishers, stage kills and much more. The best overkill from this video is Larcen Tyler having you gunned down after a beat down.

Eternal Champions – Vendettas

Larcen and company are back at it again.