Those who master the art of the free kick often display one of the most devastating weapons in a team’s armory. A well struck shot from a free kicker can bring bliss and despair in equal measure, changing the balance of a game in an instant.

Whether the ball is hit with vicious swerve, precisely placed or driven with pure power, an exact strike can leave a goalkeeper helpless. Here are 10 of the best footballers (besides Juninho) that have an excellent grasp of the free kick technique:

10. Luis Suarez’s Sweet Free Kick


9. Steven Gerrard’s Wonderful Free Kick


8. Andres D’Alessandro’s Smooth Free Kick


7. Roberto Carlos’ Epic Free Kick


6. Wayne Rooney’s Great Free Kick


5. Zltan Ibrahimovic’s Killer Free Kick


4. David Beckham’s Powerful Free Kick


3. Juan Roman Riquelme’s Amazing Free Kicks


2. Ronaldinho’s Awesome Free Kicks


1. Zinedine Zidane’s Majestic Free Kicks