3D street art is taking street art to the next level. Using 2 Dimensional drawings to form 3 Dimensional optical illusions (depending on the viewing angle) creates stunning imagery. It’s hard to believe that these artistic creations were drawn right there on the streets of the world.

These photos are selected from the most distinguished artists currently producing 3 Dimensional Street Art. Enjoy these breath-taking photos of 3D Street Art!

Hot river (via Edgar Mueller)

Hot River

Reflection (via Kurt Wenner)


Raft (via Edgar Mueller)


Muses (via Kurt Wenner)


Relaxing giant (via Kurt Wenner)

Relaxing Giant

Office stress (via Kurt Wenner)

Office Stress

Crazy river (via Julian Beever)

Crazy River


EasyJet – Edinburg (via Manfred Stader)

EasyJet - Edinburg

Hot bath (via Manfred Stader)

Hot Bath

3D Shark. (via Manfred Stader)

3D Shark

Alice In Wonderland (via Manfred Stader)

Alice In Wonderland

The World’s Biggest fly (via Julian Beever)

The World's Largest Fly

Water Waste (via Julian Beever)

Water Waste

Eiffel Tower Sand-Sculpture (via Julian Beever)

Eiffel Tower Sand-Sculpture

Self-portrait of artist with liquid refreshment (via Julian Beever)

Self-portrait of artist with liquid refreshment.

Hang on! (via Julian Beever)

Hang On!

Taking the plunge (via Julian Beever)

Taking the Plunge

Water In The Way (via Tracy Lee Stum)

Water in the Way

The Medici Garden (via Tracy Lee Stum)

The Medici Garden

Drawn Basketball Optical Illusion (via Greg Lehman)

Drawn Basketball Optical Illusion.

Phoenix (via Edgar Muller)


Lego Terracotta Army (via Planet Street Painting)

Lego Terracotta Army

Central Shopping Centre (via Qi Xinghua)

Central Shopping Centre

Batman Rising 3D Street Art (via Julian Beever)

Batman Rising 3d Street Art

This is River is a Street!

This River is a street! So realistic

 Sidewalk Boat Art

Sidewalk Boat Art

Bears (via Arndt Nikolai)

Amazing Sidewalk Art by Arndt Nikolai

3D Painted Living Room

3D Painted Living Room

Watch your step!

Watch your step!

Ride of a God (via Tracy Lee Stum)

Tracy Lee Stum - Ride of a God

Staring at Self (via Eduardo Relero)

Eduardo Relero, Staring at Self


Feeding the Baby (via Eduardo Relero)

Eduardo Relero, Feeding the Baby

Store Front (via Eric Grohe)

Eric Grohe, Store Front

Belgium, underground in Brussel


The flying carpet, Bettona, Italy


Best of 3D Street Art Illusion – Episode 1


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