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Best Songs of 2011 Featuring Childish Gambino, The Black Keys, ASAP Rocky, The Weeknd

The best tracks from 2011 that we're still bumping.

The Wire – 100 Greatest Quotes (Scene Compilation) (Video)

You come at the king, you best not miss.

Ratatat – Loud Pipes (KJ Song Rec)

The Brooklyn electronic hip hop duo puts you in a chill groove.

1950’s Housewife Experiments with LSD (Video)

Nice lady feels sorry for the sober interviewer.

Gordon Ramsay – How To Treat A Lady (Video)

Tips from the kitchen that work in the bedroom.

Maury – I’m 12 Years Old and I’m A Bad Bitch (Video)

Say something bad to her face and you'll get bitch slapped.

Top 8 Offbeat Documentaries

Take a look at worlds different from your own.

Man Argues with an Angry Spitting Goat (Video)

Don't bother an angry goat.