Technodrome1 (Joshua Williams), takes pictures of your favorite icons and adds a hit of acid to them. The neon bright color pallet instantly draws you as you admire his  images covered in graffiti-like technicolor strokes.

Some of his favorite artists include people from the past and present, pop and not such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basqiat, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Picasso and Mr. Brainwash. He likes to try to illustrate what being a kid was like and hopes those fun aspects are shown in his art.

Some people don’t even know what the fuck it is and that shit blows my mind. Like, “What’s a Technodrome? I’ve never even seen Ninja Turtles.” I don’t even know how that went over your head, for real [Laughs]. That shit is like a staple. Especially for our generation, they had to have seen Ninja Turtles. I don’t know why I fell in love with that cartoon; it’s so weird. What the fuck? Them niggas was all potheads eating pizza and talking about surfing. That shit goes hard and they beat niggas’ asses, b.

Wu Tang Clan – Technodrome1



Beavis – Technodrome1



Daft Punk – Technodrome1



Kendrick Lamar – Technodrome1



Mario Shroom – Technodrome1



The RZA – Technodrome1



Magneto – Technodrome1


I’ve always liked Frank Miller and Jim Lee comics and I always tried to copy their style. Some people are like, “Yo, you can’t do that, that’s cheating, that’s biting.” But now as an adult I realize that I do that unconsciously with stuff I like and it comes out in my work and I’m not even trying to copy somebody. I see something that I think is fly, it stays in my mind and it comes out.

Kid Cudi – Technodrome1



Batman Vs Joker – Technodrome1



American Psycho (Christian Bale)- Technodrome1


The color schemes I use can only be explained in one word: Acid [Laughs]. You could put that in there because I don’t know why I use these colors. Sometimes the colors vibrate and I wasn’t even trying to do that. Like the pieces that look 3-D or with the pieces that have tiles in the background.

Lana Del Rey – Technodrome1



Taxi Driver (Robert De Niro) – Technodrome1



Snoop Dogg- Technodrome1



Griffith (Berserk)- Technodrome1



Rocko’s Modern Life – Technodrome1



ASAP Rocky – Technodrome1



Wednesday, The Addams Family (Christina Ricci) – Technodrome1



Megatron – Technodrome1


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