Ever wondered what it’s like to trip on acid while at The Westminster Dog Show? Me either, but the combination is actually oddly entertaining. Brayden does a great job of handling the throng of people while enjoying his very first trip on acid.


Westminster Dog Show… On Acid!

The Westminster Dog Show is a hellscape packed to the gills with Midwesterners and dogs who receive more attention and have better lives than at least 40 percent of the world. The amount of misplaced love and resources funneled into these pooches on a daily basis is enough to make a stone-cold sober person uneasy. But recently I discovered that being thrust into the middle of the whole ordeal, while tripping acid, is a great way to kill an afternoon.

stuffed dog

“The difference between a dog and a cat show is that at a cat show the women are really heavy.” – Gentleman in the hat


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