Calvin and Hobbes – Stars and Infinity (Comic Strip)

Calvin and Hobbes Look Out Into the Stars and Ponder Infinity.

Calvin: If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently.

Hobbes: How so?

Calvin: Well, when you look into infinity, you realize that there are more important things than what people do all day.

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    1. look closer, my friend

      i think the idea is when you look at the stars, you can contemplate the incomprehensible vastness of this universe and hopefully realize that we are essentially tiny specks of nothing in the grand scheme of things. our actions have no inherent meaning besides that which we give them

  1. I’ve read every single C&H a number of times, and I’m almost certain this isn’t an actual strip. I could be wrong, but even it if it is real, why cut off the punchline? At just two panels, the whole thing loses its impact. Bill Watterson’s work never needed to be improved upon.

    1. I don’t remember this particular strip, but it’s possible that it’s legit and we’re seeing the first and last panel, with the middle panel possibly consisting of them looking at the sky with no dialogue, thereby being omitted here for the sake of brevity. If you’ve read every C&H strip as you say, you know that several of them don’t have punchlines.

      1. this is definitely not a real strip. I have also read them all numerous times and remember the original well enough to know that this is a fake. Anyway Bill had better grammar than whoever did this. 

      2.  I’m with Craig on this, and there are very few that “don’t have punchlines,” but those were the ones where there was no dialogue. If this were a Peanuts comic, it would make more sense, but I can’t think of a single C&H where there was absolutely no attempt at a joke (even if it was a very subtle, ironic joke).

    2. Okay, you’re all wrong. First, this is a real strip. The last panel is cut out, yes. I’m not sure why everyone has done so, probably because they wanted more emphasis on the first two panels. Second, there are many Calvin and Hobbes strips with no punchlines/attempts to make a joke.

      One that pops into mind is when they find a dead bird, and contemplate life. In the second to last panel, Calvin says something along the lines of “perhaps it will all make sense one day.” The last panel is silent, with them both contemplating.

      Several people have posted the link.

  2. what calvin said was the punchline. read the first thing he said, then the second. its there.

  3. For those who are debating the originality of this comic strip I’ve posted the whole strip in this comment. I like the philosophical message in this part of the comic strip, especially since I live in the city where the stars are not very visible. There’s something about stars and viewing stellar events that brings awe and a deeper state of consciousness. Whether it is a Bill Watterson original or not does not dilute the message for me, but through a little internet research it seems to be legit. Below I’ve pasted a link to the original comic strip.

  4. Hobbes – “We spend OUR day looking at rocks under the creek”
    Calvine – “I mean OTHER people.”

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