Canada Creates Scary Anti Cannabis Ad, The People Call Bullshit (Video)

Canada’s latest anti-cannabis ad says the science on the plant is clear. Yet, the people’s verdict on the ad is even clearer. It hates it.

The ad, titled “Drug Prevention — Marijuana Use,” has drawn thousands of dislikes and a flurry of negative comments on Reddit since it was first posted on Youtube.

In the ad, a narrator declares over ominous music:

“Did you know that marijuana is on average 300 to 400 per cent stronger than it was 30 years ago?”

“Smoking marijuana. It can damage a teen for life.”

And while some users were supportive, others openly mocked it.

“TIL: my parents’ age bracket smoked terrible pot,” said Reddit user Snodgrass 82.

“Thanks for wasting tax dollars on telling people that flowers are bad,” said YouTube user Voluntary Kant.

The government’s science may not even be as clear as it claims. Marijuana’s illegal status in Canada means that there have been few controlled studies to determine its benefits and damaging effects.


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