The debate over Pluto’s planetary state still rages on…

  • kittylover152

    wow poor pluto must be so sad he must be jelies in a small way poor him. dousent it look like the planets in the photo like cartoony. it mustbefor children. it is sad pluto is tiney i bet if he was alive he would wish he was bigger

    • Graham Barnes

      Learn to spell you simple little child,

  • kittylover152

    he must be so sad

  • Power Rangers Megaforce

    Pluto must be so so so so so sad the other planets look weird and I wished I live in Neptune.

    Hope Pluto feels nice there

    • guest

      uranus is there too

  • Power Rangers Megaforce

    Because I wouldn’t

  • Sorrelheart

    Helped so much cuz right now in school I’m doing sky science :l

  • Magikoopa

    He’s not alone though. The whole reason Pluto was demoted was because there were four more planets discovered with properties like him. If that little cartoon picture was accurate he should be hanging out with Eris, Haumea, Makemake, Sedna, and Ceres.

  • Never

    Wow that’s very interesting I won’t to now more like if venues is islike the moon and if we can see it

  • guest

    wait,did i just say ur anus?