Marijuana, once a political liability, is now almost mundane; with public officials openly admitting to its use.

Mason Tvert from the Marijuana Policy Project visits MSNBC to discuss how cannabis has started to break away from its negative reputation in society:

Gallup Poll: The current trend of acceptance towards marijuana is reflected by a solid majority of Americans favoring legalization.

Community Leaders: Residents of a city in California made history by electing a mayor with significant ties to medical marijuana.

Legal Recreational Use: The Feds will stay out of Colorado and Washington as long as state regulations are set up to prevent sales to minors and out of state citizens.

Crime Reduction: Political leaders will monitor how the underground market completely shrinks in legal states and use it as a reason for nationwide legalization.

Revenue: Cannabis is the healthiest, safest and cheapest way for an individual to alter their consciousness. Legal sales are expected to hurt the alcohol and cigarette industries.



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