Dr. Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer from Japan has given the world a good deal of evidence of the magic of positive thinking. He became famous when his water molecule experiments featured in the 2004 film, What The Bleep Do We Know? His experiments demonstrate that human thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality, such as the molecular structure of water. Given that humans are comprised of at least 60% water, his discovery has far reaching implications… can anyone really afford to have negative thoughts or intentions?

The rice experiment is another famous Emoto demonstration of the power of negative thinking (and conversely, the power of positive thinking). Dr. Emoto placed portions of cooked rice into two containers. On one container he wrote “thank you” and on the other “you fool”. He then instructed school children to say the labels on the jars out loud everyday when they passed them by. After 30 days, the rice in the container with positive thoughts had barely changed, while the other was moldy and rotten.

147 Days of The Rice Experiment Documented – Last Day


  1. so funguses and bacteria are negative life forms then because they thrived ? Or are you saying the negative words caused thriving growth where the positive ones caused stagnation ?

    • Thank you. My thoughts exactly. This ‘experiment’ interrupted the natural decomposition process that allows all living things to exist. It’s a miracle!

      Keep your good vibes out of my garden please.

      • but what about your plants 🙁 surely they like good vibes 😛 maybe its just a show of true duality of the universe 🙂

      • in this experiment you are not saying “thank you” of “you are an idiot” to bacteria, but to rice. it’s an experiment focused on rice, not anything else.

        • They’re saying it to the jars but you’re right, they are probably only addressing the rice inside. By which i mean they’re saying it to food, because at this point the hulled, boiled, dead rice grains are not really rice anymore. Just like a hamburger patty is not a cow. We only like them this way because we can eat them, but it is a totally unnatural state for a rice grain to be in, and completely useless to the functionality of the rice grain, which is to grow into a new rice plant.

          The issue i have is with the interpretation of the results, in which an outcome that serves us is good, and one that serves another organism is bad.

          • Are you Asian in any way? And even if you are you probably were never taught/told the basics of having a green thumb.

            Have you not heard before that plants do respond to your voice? And that plants flourish when you say nice things about them? Perhaps you should give it a try. Or maybe another experiment, keep on being the doubting bitter person that you are. And compare that to your cheerful neighbour of the same age and same health risks. Let me know if you don’t die first.

          • Just become one doubts does not mean he is bitter. I just think the whole thing is typical internet hogwash. Nothing negative about it…just comment bait.

          • It’s not. I’ve done the experiments with my students several time as part of anti-bullying instruction.

          • Sorry, but what about your aggression toward someone who simply expressed doubt? Doubt is a good thing – reality, in all its complexity, can be understood as that which can withstand doubt without any problem. I’d just say: let people doubt what you believe and love them for it.

          • Cooked rice is full of water, therefore it is the water in the rice that is affected. The rice is merely the vehicle/vessel. We are mostly made of water percentage wise. When harsh words are directed at a human, it is the WATER WITHIN that responds. There is much documentation of the effects of verbal abuse on both children and adults and the resultant psychological and emotional scarring that results. Makecthe connection…if you are capable.

        • Remember that Emoto’s primary work is with WATER: I believe he showing that rice (or anything else) “responds” to the water (within it, or that it is in), being positively or adversely affected by the voiced intention of the participating consciousness. “Positively” being a judgment, of course, but with “growth” (vs. “decay” or “stagnation”) considered to be “positive” in the consensus reality, I would agree that this is a good example of the ability of water to both receive and transmit information from the Field of consciousness.

          • In quantum mechanics a particle can tell whether you’re observing it or not and acts upon that. We do not know how but they do.

        • If it’s focusing on the rice, then why did he make his conclusion based on the presence of the bacteria and/or mold?
          Or are you saying that the mold, bacteria and rice are smart enough to know who the school children were talking to, and discern the rice as the intended recipient of the comments? O_o

    • It’s not about the fungus or bacteria. It’s about the breakdown of the rice. The negatively led to the rice breaking down and becoming susceptible to bacteria much faster than the other specimen. I tried the experiment and got interesting results too.

    • they are negative life forms, that why cancers is a funguses and the body needs to be acidic for negative bacteria and funguses to thrive, the doctors know this and because it is a revolving door to make money they wont tell you that.

      • kimmy ware, you can’t be serious! That is so insulting to suggest docors who treat cancer patients are only in in for the money. Shame on you.

        • Well – many doctors are “by the books” doctors. Let’s remember that doctors endorsed Camel Cigarettes as “healthy”. Or do we suffer from short term memory loss in regards to history?

          • Doctors were once ignorant to the full dangers of cigarette smoke….so by all means let us now assume that they are lying to millions of dead and dying cancer patients just to turn a buck. There is some serious broken logic behind this. Oncologists must run into a serious dilemma when they are diagnosed with cancer. “Continue making money off of this elaborate lie, or save my own life? Choices, coices.”

        • I disagree. I’ve read documents from oncologists when asked if they or their family members had cancer would do chemo treatments and 100% said NO. They are struck by law to only offer chemo and radiation. They cannot offer alternative treatments or face losing their license.

      • “caner is a funguses” is factually so wrong that it is very hard to take the rest serious…sorry you disqualified yourself…

    • Not at all; all three jars contained bacteria and yeasts, which all thrived– the difference between the containers is WHICH yeasts and bacteria won out. In the “Thank You” jar, the rice had begun to FERMENT, clearly showing that organisms were growing and going to work on the rice in a way that would not have been dangerous for human consumption. The other two jars, on the other hand, had organisms growing that were clearly toxic.

      The positive jar was ANYTHING but stagnant.

  2. Dan Winter might say something like this:

    “Something is alive to the extend that it attracts charge. The vital life force that is being attracted helps all fruits and vegetables grow, but once a veggie is picked, it will slowly begin to undergo decay until it is eventually rotten. It appears that positive words and thought-forms have a life-force prolonging effect upon that which the thought-form is directed upon. This is one of the many ways that life-force can be prolonged in organic materials. It is not unnatural, nor it is stagnant—it is simply attracting more Chi/Shakti/Orgone/Life-force and thus is sustaining itself longer. This very same principle can be applied to the fruits and vegetables in our fridge, and most certainly could allow them to stay fresher, longer!”

    Of course Dan Winter focuses more on the nature of fractality and how certain geometric structures help to attract charge. He also delves into new paradigm physics principles to explain how, for example, seeds that are grown within electromagnetic energy fields, such as stonehenge, actually grow better! It’s quite fascinating. No need to think of it as something that should be kept out of your garden. Actually, your plants may be happier!

    • I’m not agreeing nor disagreeing with Dan winter, as i know nothing about him. But it’s not relevant to this experiment. This argument would make sense if Emoto was using a live plant, or even living rice grains. But this is cooked rice, there is no life force in it. He killed the seed by boiling it. The only life energy potential it has now is either being decomposed by other living organisms, turned into compost, to be used again by a living plant, or being eaten by us. To think of this jar of cooked rice as a plant is equal to saying a fried chicken wing is an animal. If the chicken wing didn’t decompose in this experiment would not mean we were extending the life force of the chicken.

      This belies a dangerous human-centred ideology – well intentioned of course, but dangerous because it equates anything as ‘good for humans’ as being universally good. Even in Dan Winters example, he says a picked vegetable will eventually just ‘rot’, which is supposedly bad because then we humans can’t eat it, but it’s also misleading, because the rotting triggers the seeds to sprout and provides the decomposed nutrition they need to grow, which is exactly what the plant wants. We delude ourselves into believing that the function we get out of the vegetable as food is its only possible function, even to the point where we tell ourselves that the vegetable wants to be eaten by us, it is growing for us! Imagine saying the same thing about a lamb?

      Emoto’s experiment only really shows that we can influence experiments to get the outcome that we want. Period. We are not saying ‘i love you’ to the rice, we are saying it to our desire to eat the rice. It is equating our desire for something with the actual thing itself that i find very dangerous, because it means our desires can never be harmful. Whatever serves human desire is good, whatever doesn’t is bad.

      • you are being intentionally obtuse. you might choose to take a wider view on the implications of the experiment. such as … saying ‘i love you’ to anything sends out a supportive energy, while saying ‘you fool’ or a similarly derogatory thought sends out destructive energy. this has nothing to do with rice, plants, humans, long life, bacteria, mold, frogs, jello, compost, ding-dongs, car keys etc. it transcends all of these things.

  3. There are to many variables in this “experiment” to make it valid. Moreover, was it replicable? Where were the beakers placed? What type of rice was used? Where was the water from? What if the rice was spoken to in other languages? Moreover, why is rotting bad and fermenting good? This is not science!

    • While u make a valid point. I think it doesn’t matter what water or rice was used. Or where jars were placed. A) as long as it was one batch of rice cooked in same pot of water . And jars were all stored in same place. . B) It Is also simple enough to do yourself and see the results you get. As an experiment it is interesting results however you choose to translate those results

    • The actual language wouldn’t matter as language is a vocalization of an idea or feeling. We all have more or less the same feelings and ideas, at least as far as what we’re concerned with here.

      • I wonder if you had a person who thinks of rotting as good and not rotting as bad then the results would switch. Is this test about intention or about positive and negative energy. It’s hard to explain so I hope you know what I mean lol

  4. Were the jars airtight? You Fool might have produced a more forceful air movement where I Love You might have been more softly spoken. Try it again, but saying I love you loudly and forcefully while merely whispering you fool. I bet there will be a different result. I think it’s an experiment in bacteria and air movement.

  5. :13 into the first video, you can see that the boiling water did not fully cover the rice in the second and third jars. So of course, lingering bacteria in those jars was not killed–the rice was not submerged until the water was too cool to kill pathogens.

  6. emoto’s water crystal experiment has been debunked over and over. It’d be cool if it were true… but it just isn’t. Its observer bias.

    • People don’t seem to understand the importance of double blinded studies in stuff like this. I think many aren’t aware of the concept, but it is too easy to see what you want in a lot of different findings.

    • Of course it is “observer bias” … That is the whole point of it. The Living Consciousness effecting everything, even more so through the strong focused Intention, and thus channelled expression of specific type of energy constructs. What is truly amazing about all of this, is that is extends into Quantum as well, so given this all Energy is Multidimensional in it s core essence template.

  7. The doctor, amazingly, also has a bridge to sell you! It connects, Brooklyn to Manhattan. You can make a fortune from it!

  8. It would be interesting to try the experiment using words in another language. First not knowing the words you are actually saying, so it would be neutral and the words would not be accompanied with any involuntarily inflection of the voice or feelings. Then, knowing the meaning of the words and actually meaning them while we tell them. It would be interesting see if LOVE in German, Italian, Japanese,Chinese, Spanish or French would produce the same results.

    • my word!!! are people just not getting this or what!!!! its about energy positive/negative energy directed ……not what language is spoken speak!!!!! excellent experiment…and think its amazing what energies can achieve!

  9. There is no good or bad in both results. That is the way of looking with the mind. There is only a transition of form what is happening. Words with a negative judgement do this words with a positive judgement do that. Our reaction on these results is what we want to send in to the world. That is were our transition begins. It is only a mirror of the mind perceptions.

  10. This experiment is easily debunked by the fact that telling a comment troll that they are an idiot only extends their life force and makes them post more.

  11. Quoting the words accredited to Mother Teresa, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” This also reminds me of a story written by Joan Bramsch many years ago at: http://shar.es/UwETe about an experiment on two pots of ivy plants. Not sure if the story was fictional or real but I do believe in the power of the mind.

  12. This reminds me of “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown. The book mentioned about Noetic Science that deals on how powerful human mind is, that it can physically affect all things in our surroundings like how negative thoughts can physically cause negative effect to matter, same thing with positive thoughts. This is really interesting, because this may explain why the world keeps on getting worse, most people might be thinking negatively most of the time, just like all these comments I’m reading.

    • Also read the lost symbol a while ago and it came to mind when I saw this video. I believe there is a reason why mankind have doubted so many times and been proven wrong through out the years, the willpower of man, at least I hope for this.

  13. i just have to say that i never knew rice knows how to understand Japanese.

    If its anything it have would be the frequency of the speaker,unless the rice is
    sentient. Consider this, an episode of mythbusters did an experiment on growing plants to different music genres,. long episode short, death metal was the one that out grew all of the different other genres 10 fold. And many people would consider this negative

  14. EVERY rice experiment I have seen on youtube or read about, uses COOKED rice. I see nowhere that Emoto used cooked rice OR placed an air tight lid on the container. Try again with 1/4 cup DRY rice and 1/2 cup distilled water with an open or mesh top.

  15. It’s not conclusive unless it’s reproducible.

    If you walked up to a man on the street and asked his emotional state, could you conclude that EVERY man at that place, or at that time feels the same way? Could you even conclude that THAT man will feel the same, later?

    ONE SINGLE test isn’t enough to draw the conclusions that he is drawing.
    This is pure pseudo-science, and BAD at that.

    Also… telling someone to read a label doesn’t EVER mean they’ll genuinely express let alone FEEL the sentiment that the label intends to convey.
    Seriously… did the stupid scientist think that the kids would GENUINELY hate one specific cup of rice, but love another arbitrary cup?

  16. What’s the scientific reasoning of using rice for the experiment? Im doing a science project on this and I was wondering why he decided to use rice. Anyone know?


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