Terence McKenna – The Psychedelic Experience is Illegal Because it Promotes an Open Mind

In this kinetic typography animation, Terence Mckenna talks about the core reasons that prevent us from exploring our consciousness with psychedelics.

The psychedelic experience is as central to understanding your humanness as having sex, or having a child, or having responsibilities, or having hopes and dreams, and yet it is illegal.

We are somehow told, we are infantilized. We are told you know you can wander around with in the sanctioned playpen of ordinary consciousness, and we have some intoxicants over here if you wanna mess your self up, we’ve got some scotch here and some tobacco and red meat and some sugar and a little T.V. and so forth and so on.

But, these boundary dissolving hallucinogens that give you a sense of unity with your fellow man and nature are somehow forbidden. This is an outrage! It’s a sign of cultural immaturity and the fact that we tolerate it is a sign that we are living in a society as oppressed as any society in the past. – Terence Mkcenna, Eros And The Eschaton Lecture