Tripping expert Hamilton Morris is at it again; taking a journey through the Amazon forest in hopes of discovering the psychedelic potential of the Sapo frog. 

In the Amazon rain forest, there lives a very special frog called the Phyllomedusa bicolor, otherwise known as the Sapo. Traditionally, the Mayoruna tribe uses this frog’s gooey secretions to gain superpowers that transform them into killer hunting machines. First they tie the frog up and scare it into releasing its venom (generally via the sophisticated method of poking it with sticks). Next the natives burn little holes in their arms and rub the venom into the wounds. Then they shit and vomit for half an hour, and then they (ostensibly) experience a sharpening and heightening of the senses and an ability to go for days without food or water. This helps them target their prey (which are monkeys, by the way—they eat monkeys).

Sapo Diaries: Tripping on Hallucinogenic Frogs

In part 2, federal agents, monster bugs, and an inept shaman keep getting in the way.

In part 3, a frog is caught, and a mind is blown.

Click here for a written Trip Report of Hamilton’s Amazonian Journey.

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