Amsterdam’s Cannabis Coffee Shops Provides A Preview for California, Colorado (Video)

Following the passing of recreational marijuana use laws, Colorado and Washington have started to plan for stoner friendly establishments. California is trying to catch up with a 2014 ballot measure that would legalize recreational use of cannabis for adults.

Amsterdam’s coffee shops are an example of how cannabis culture might change in the US.

A Tour Inside Amsterdam’s Cannabis Coffee Shops

Amsterdam’s liberal attitude toward drugs has created a subculture of coffee shops and stoner fans that chill out and eat magic treats or blaze the cannabis without fearing the fuzz. – Attack of the Show

Dampkring Cannabis Coffeeshop: Home of Bowie, the Stoner Cat

A short film montage of the Original Dampkring Cannabis Coffeeshop. Filmed by Maaike Carree

California’s Push for Recreational Cannabis Legalization

cannabis-lounge-coloradoThe campaign behind the California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative, which would explicitly legalize cannabis for adults 21 and older, will begin collecting signatures in May, attempting to put their initiative to a vote of the people in 2014. – The Weed Blog

Here’s a breakdown of what the Jack Herer measure would do:

  • -Legalizes possession
  • -Legalizes home-growing
  • -Legalizes industrial hemp
  • -Makes it illegal for cops to enforce federal cannabis laws in California.
  • -Sets the possession and grow limit for personal use at 12 pounds, and 99 plants, per adult, per year.

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