Dr. Vincent Bellonzi, a Certified Clinical Nutritionist is fed up with his patients lack of knowledge, absence of will power, and apathetic outlook toward their own health.

He comes off a bit preachy, but his message is clear: stop eating junk food and take care of yourself. 

Everyone wants to lead a healthier existence.

If you are currently unhealthy, it’s not impossible to change your habits, you can do it; just fucking do it.

The Truth about Junk Food & Fast Food, Clinical Nutrition

Can junk food and fast foods make you physically and mentally sick?
Whole foods and nutrient dense foods build a healthy body.
McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and other fast food places have high carbohydrate, high fat products with low vitamin and mineral content.
Junk food addiction equals a slow death; weight problems, obesity, low energy, and emotional problems.

Fast_Food_Mafia__final_by_silentsketcher - Truth About Junk Food