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Drawing Advice From Leonardo da Vinci

Good practice must test us and stretch our abilities right up to the edge of frustration

Neuroscientist Paints Sumi-e Style Brain Art (Gallery)

This brain art offers deep food for thought when it comes to interconnectivity and the fractal nature of the universe.

Mark Ryden – The Gay Nineties West Art Gallery

Idealized yet disturbing works of contemporary art.

Psychedelic Hand Made Mixed Media Collages – Joe Webb (Photo Gallery)

Joe Webb's work eschews the neo-traditional standard of digital manipulation, opting to meticulously craft his psychedelic work by hand.

Pavel Tchelitchew, Surreal Paintings Art Gallery

Tchelitchew's paintings suggest the transcendence of the spirit over material substance.

Sketch Master Ilustrator, Kim Jung Gi Art Gallery

A collection of amazing detailed sketches drawn without using any references.

Tattoos – A Permanent Art, PBS Feature (Video)

Three tattoo artists of different styles discuss their art with PBS' Off Book.

Awesome Illustrated Facial Expressions, Art Gallery

Get an illustrated understanding of facial expressions behind characters like the Joker and Link.