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Mitch Hedberg – Stoner Jokes and Quotes (Photo Gallery)

Like Ol' Dirty Bastard, there was no father to Mitch Hedberg's stoner comedic style.

Comedian Louis C.K. Learns About the Catholic Church (Video)

Driven by simple curiosity, Louis C.K. does some investigative reporting about the Catholic Church. His findings are illuminating, funny, and ass-rapingly sad.

Comedians on Psychedelics (Video)

Some of the world's greatest stand-up comedians share their thoughts on psychedelics.

Getting Doug with High, Comedians and Stoners Podcast – Part 2 (Video)

As eyes get heavier and smiles get wider, Doug Benson unleashes random games and magic tricks to trip out his guests.

Hannibal Buress – Bachelor Party Parade (Video)

Hannibal describes throwing a parade for his cousin's bachelor party in New Orleans.

Don’t Smoke Me Out With Garbage Weed – Joey Diaz (Video)

Joey isn't too happy when the Susquehanna smoke session is over, and he's not as stoned as he expects to be.

Weed Isn’t A Drug! And Other Animated Jokes from Katt Williams (Video)

Whether it's tigers mauling a human or a runner with no legs, Katt Williams finds humor in any situation.

Bill Hicks – Marijuana Should Be Mandatory (Video)

Shit, not only do I think marijuana should be legalized. I think it should be mandatory. I'm a hard liner. - Bill Hicks

Getting Doug with High, Doug Benson’s Stoner Podcast (Video)

Doug gets into the High History of each guest to reminisce about the first time they met Mary Jane.

Aziz Ansari – Marriage is a Proposal From an Insane Person (Video)

Signing a legal contract for guarantee of everlasting love and devotion smells like bullshit.

Demetri Martin – One Liner Joke Gifs

Short jokes, big laughs.

Best Of Insomniac With Dave Attell Uncensored, Comedy Travel Show (Video)

Kick the sandman in his sack, stay up late, insomniac!