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Sad Dog Diary (Video)

We will never again be left wondering what thoughts lie behind those sad puppy dog eyes.

Funny Animals Wearing Glasses Photo Gallery

Don't mess with a dog wearing Macho Man glasses.

Funny Stoner Dogs Photo Gallery

A gallery of Stoner Dogs laughing, smiling and begging for munchies.

Monkey Vs Bulldog Situps Contest (Video)

Pan-kun (Chimp) and James (Bulldog) try to measure their fitness by doing situps.

Yoga Positions Demonstrated By Funny Animals (Photo Gallery)

No one can do a upward dog pose better than an actual dog.

Funny Animals Stealing Food From People Compilation (Video)

Animals will steal food from babies, they love easy mode.

Gangsta Puppies Perform “Still” by the Geto Boys (Video)

If you step on a puppy's turf, you will pay the consequences.

Funny Animal Photo Gallery #3

A bulldog rides a swing for your amusement.

Funny Animal Photo Gallery #2

Featuring a hungry pug, a monkey on shrooms, and a crazy chow chow.

Dog Approved People Food, The Dog Whisperer

Before hooking your dog up with some food scraps, make sure that it's safe.

6 Biggest Dog Myths Debunked

The truth about common dog misconceptions.

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