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Alan Watts – Thinking is a Good Servant, But a Bad Master (Video)

Too much mental chatter can trap you in a world of illusion.

Cymatics – The Study of Visible Sound and Vibration (Video)

Cymatics raises philosophical questions with the correlation between high frequencies and complex shapes.

Sonic Geometry – The Language of Frequency and Form (Video)

Have we been guided toward the recognition of a grand pattern based on frequency, mathematics, time, space and geometry?

Transcendental Meditation Helps Reduce Violent Crimes (Study)

Scientific Proof that Meditation can help lower violent crime rates in large cities.

Using the I Ching – A Spiritual Guide

Discover the benefits of Ancient Chinese Divination.

John Lennon Quotes – Thoughts From A Psychedelic Mind

John Lennon's quotes get to the heart of the matter like an arrow from Apollo's bow, provoking the inner depths of our minds into expansion.

Chakra Healing – Nutritional Food For The Body’s Energy Centers (Guide)

Nutrition is a key source to vitality and you can use the proper foods to realign and cleanse each Chakra.

Scientists Officially Recognize Animal Consciousness Equal to Humans

Animal Consciousness seems like a forgone conclusion at this point of our existence, but now it's official.

Does Consciousness Exist? (Video)

How much more can we learn about consciousness beyond the fact that we are conscious?

Meditation in a Sensory Deprivation Tank – VICE Documentary (Video)

When the cacophonies of the senses are eliminated, the world of the inner-verse is unveiled.

David Lynch – Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain, Transcendental Meditation (Video)

If you have a golf ball sized consciousness, when you read a book you'll have a golf ball sized understanding.

Psychedelics Provide Wisdom for Personal Growth

A psychedelic molecule may be the truest mirror you ever held up to yourself.