Flight of the Conchords – Funniest Songs Collection (Video)

Flight of the Conchords - Funniest Songs Collection (Video) | Third Monk

Flight of the Conchords follows the adventures of a two-man band from New Zealand, as its members seek fame and success in New York City. Jemaine or Bret break into song in each episode. The songs are built into the narrative structure of the show in several different ways.

Flight of the Conchords – Too Many Dicks On the Dance Floor

Tell the players, make it understood
It ain’t no good if there’s too much wood
Make sure you know before you go
The dance floor bro-hoe ratio
5 to 1 is a brodeo
Tell Steve and Mark its time to go

Flight of the Conchords – I’m Not Crying

No, I’m not crying
And if I am crying
It’s not because of you
It’s because I’m thinking about a friend of mine who you don’t know who is dying
That’s right, dying
These aren’t tears of sadness because you’re leaving me
I’ve just been cutting onions
I’m making a lasagna
For one

Flight of the Conchords – The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room

And when you’re on the street
Depending on the street
I bet you are definitely in the top three
Good looking girls on the street
Depending on the street

Flight of the Conchords – Business Time

Making love
Making love for
Makin love for two
Making love for two minutes
When it’s with me you only need two minutes,
because I’m so intense
Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven

You turn to me and say something sexy like, “Is that it?”
I know what you’re trying to say, girl
You’re trying to say, “Aww yeah, that’s it”
And then you tell me you want some more
Well, uh… I’m not surprised
But I’m quite sleepy