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Paul McCartney on Acid and the Responsibility of Mass Media (Video)

The interviewer tries to harass Paul about acid, but he flips it around by pointing out the hypocrisy of news coverage.

George Carlin – Psychedelics Opens the Windows of Your Mind (Video)

Hallucinogens are value changers, so is marijuana. Like it or not, it changes your values.

Bill Hicks – Mushroom Trip Experience, We All Are One (Video)

All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.

Using Psychedelics For Creativity and Problem Solving – Jason Silva (Video)

Psychedelics helps to pull ourselves out of context in order to gawk in amazement at the wonders of the world

Dock Ellis Throws a Baseball No Hitter Under LSD, Acid (Video)

A hilarious animated moment by moment account of a psychedelic sports milestone.

Carlos Santana – Soul Sacrifice Live Woodstock 1969 (Video)

Santana performs at Woodstock while tripping out of his mind.

1950’s Housewife Experiments with LSD (Video)

Nice lady feels sorry for the sober interviewer.

How Drugs Helped Invent The Internet – Jason Silva Interview (Video)

Technological progress is giving humans the control to direct their own evolution.

Top 8 Offbeat Documentaries

Take a look at worlds different from your own.