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How to be Ultra Spiritual – Funny Parody with JP Sears (Video)

Grow spiritually as you laugh at yourself.

Stoner Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson (Video)

Like his mentor Carl Sagan, Neil knows the universe is best explored and appreciated while stoned.

Gangsta Puppies Perform “Still” by the Geto Boys (Video)

If you step on a puppy's turf, you will pay the consequences.

Everest College Commercial, Ghetto Parody (Video)

If you're really about your paper and looking to up your pimp game 2000 percent, sign up for Everest College.

Godfrey – White Women’s Workout (Funny or Die) (Video)

A funny infomercial featuring fitness and racism.

Maury – I’m 12 Years Old and I’m A Bad Bitch (Video)

Say something bad to her face and you'll get bitch slapped.

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