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The Inspiring Workspaces of Creative Giants (Photo Gallery)

Although the spaces are unique to each artist, one over-arching theme is an aura of peace and solitude.

Pictures of Earth from Space (Photo Gallery)

Take a step back and view the Earth from a rare and distant vantage point.

Mirror City – Amazing Psychedelic Timelapse of Kaleidoscopic Cityscapes (Video)

As the video progresses, so does the visual stimulation, showing the real psychedelic abstraction of the piece.

Perfectly Looping and Psychedelic Trippy GIFs (Photo Gallery)

Perfectly looping gifs are animated images that seamlessly blend the beginning and end for a continuous loop.

Beautiful Treehouses From Around the World (Photo Gallery, Video)

These elevated sanctuaries blend in beautifully with their natural surroundings.

Thomas Barbèy, Surreal Psychedelic Art Gallery

Who knew psychedelic art could be black and white?

The Beautiful World of Crop Circles (Photo Gallery)

The beauty of these temporary temples is beyond belief.

Landscape Photography – Stunning Tree Gallery

Through years of growth some of these trees embody more than a human lifetime of beauty.

Mel D. Cole – Capturing Hip Hop Culture in Black & White (Photo Gallery)

The Roots photographer shoots mostly black and white, but whatever he shoots, it's in-your-face and awesome.

Incredible Living Paintings, Alexa Meade Art Gallery

Painting directly on the human body itself, Alexa Meade has successfully created an entirely new form of artistic expression.

The Best 3D Street Art (Photo Gallery, Video)

Enjoy these breath-taking photos of 3 Dimensional Street Art!

Van Styles – Girls, Weed, and Skateboarding (Photo Gallery)

The Hundreds photographer has a style of taking various subjects and settings and presenting them in a different light.

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