Gorillaz – De Punked, Dub Remix (KJ Song Rec)

Gorillaz - De Punked, Dub Remix (KJ Song Rec) | Third Monk image 2

Gorillaz – De Punked
Album: Laika Come Home

Laika Come Home is a Gorillaz remix album released in July 2002. It was compiled by the Spacemonkeyz and contains most of the songs from the Gorillaz’ first album, Gorillaz. The songs are remixed in dub and reggae style.

Laika Come Home is one of those albums you put on and chief up your lil’ dubs too, until the final track finishes.

Gorillaz – Punk (Original)

Check out Hillbilly Man, Another stand out track by the Gorillaz.


Sublime – Get Ready (KJ Song Rec)

Sublime - Get Ready (KJ Song Rec) | Third Monk

Sublime – Get Ready
Album: Sublime, Self Titled

Before cannabis was accepted in the mainstream, you had to be incognito with your tokes.

Somebody always gotta turn informer for the man
I want to know, know right now
Is there one of you in the crowd?
Are you gonna call 911, and spoil all of my fun?
You crazy fools

Frankie Paul – Get Ready

The original “Get Ready” from Frankie Paul that Sublime covered for their version.

Sublime – Get Ready (Live at the House of Blues 1996)

Stephen Marley, Mos Def – Hey Baby (KJ Song Rec)

Stephen Marley, Mos Def - Hey Baby (KJ Song Rec) | Third Monk

Stephen Marley Ft. Mos Def – Hey Baby
Album: Mind Control

Stephen Marley features Mos Def in this reggae and hip hop fusion. “Hey Baby” provides the chill atmosphere that is usually accompanied by the ganja leaf and good times.

Stephen Marley – Hey Baby (Solo Version)

This solo version of the song has more of a mellow dub reggae feel.