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Natural Creations: Artist Arranges Rocks and Leaves into Beautiful Geometric Land Art (Gallery)

Voorwold leaves his beautiful natural geometric artworks behind, so all that’s eventually left of them are photographs and his memories.

Metaphysical Aspects of the 5 Platonic Solids

Platonic Solids are the basic building blocks of all life, their associated elements, chakras and energies can be used in natural healing, metaphysical studies and spiritual endeavours.

The Trip Out Gallery – Bizarre Psychedelic Animated GIFs

Inspired by so-called impossible objects and sacred geometry, these animated GIF's are a trip.

25 Trippy Geometric Tattoos (Photo Gallery)

You might have flashbacks of a psychedelic experience after viewing the beauty inside our collection of geometric tattoo art.

Fractals – The Hidden Dimension That Designs Our Universe (Documentary)

You may not know it, but fractals, like the air you breathe, are all around you.

Cymatics – Bringing Matter to Life with Sound (Video)

These amazing experiments produce physically visual representations of sound.

Cymatics – The Study of Visible Sound and Vibration (Video)

Cymatics raises philosophical questions with the correlation between high frequencies and complex shapes.

Sonic Geometry – The Language of Frequency and Form (Video)

Have we been guided toward the recognition of a grand pattern based on frequency, mathematics, time, space and geometry?

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