An Educated Society Needs No Control – The Venus Project (Video)

An Educated Society Needs No Control - The Venus Project (Video) | Third Monk

The Choice is Ours is a documentary series presented by the Venus ProjectInterviews by a variety of scientists, media professionals, and other thinkers explores a variety of issues that are of social, economic, and technical interest.

The Venus Project created this informative documentary to compel the viewer into rethinking what’s possible in our world. To question the values, behaviors, origins and consequences of our social structures is of vital importance to our survival as we look to the future.

Part 1 is introduction and discussion of determinants of behavior.

Part 2 is a breakdown of problems in our present system; an obsolete monetary system. It covers the media as a tool of the established political and economic elite, corruption of all politics in all nations, and environmental challenges.

Part 3 will show solutions and proposals and will depict and illustrate Jacque’s Fresco’s life work to redesign the culture.


Are You a Prisoner of Society? – Joe Rogan (Video)

Are You a Prisoner of Society? - Joe Rogan (Video) | Third Monk image 3

Life has found many ways to express itself over time. Now we are arriving at a point in our unified existence where many of us are questioning the logic of current societal values.

Do we really need to create a feeling of scarcity that does not exist in order to give false worth to material objects?

Is making money as important as making a creative breakthrough that offers a piece of yourself to society?

The questions go on and the feeling that a major shift in the way we view life is prevalent.

I currently hold a job in order to pay for my way of life and I do wonder if I can find a way to express myself to the fullest and feed myself while doing so, it is a fine line — it is possible! But I haven’t hit that point in my life yet but I move towards it everyday.

This Joe Rogan society trap rant strikes a chord and resonates with my current mentality. He lays it out on the table, simple and clean.

Do you contribute to society or do you merely exist within it?


Taking The Piss With Banksy by Zenpencils (Comic Strip)

Taking The Piss With Banksy by Zenpencils (Comic Strip) | Third Monk image 3

This comic brings life to the voice of street art and pays tribute to the inspirational work of Banksy.

Taking The Piss with Banksy

Taking The Piss

Banksy is an anoynomous English street artist and activist who has become a cult hero for his anti-establishment and rebellious artwork.

Unlike someone I know, who stays in his house all day drawing comics and watching Simpsons reruns, Banksy is a REAL artist who challenges the status quo, forces people to think and puts himself in danger, all while remaining a complete mystery to the world.

I mean think about it, he’s one of the most famous artists on the planet, his work has been popping up in major cities for the past 10 years and sell for millions of dollars and no one knows who the hell this guy is! I take my hat off to the dude. – Gavin Aung Than, Zen Pencils

How to Create a Society of Obedience and Consumption

How to Create a Society of Obedience and Consumption | Third Monk image 9


Drug addiction is not a moral failing or mental malfunction, but an adaptive response to circumstances. It would be cruel to put rats in cages and then, when they start using drugs, punish them for it. That would be like suppressing the symptoms of a disease while maintaining the necessary conditions for the disease itself.

Are we like rats in cages? Are we putting human beings into intolerable conditions and then punishing them for their efforts to alleviate the anguish? If so, then the War on Drugs is based on false premises and can never succeed.

Here are some ways to waste human potential and create a society of mass consumption:

1.Make children stay indoors in age-segregated classrooms in a competitive environment where they are conditioned to perform tasks that they don’t really care about or want to do, for the sake of external rewards.



2.Destroy community bonds by casting people into a society of strangers, in which you don’t rely on and needn’t even know by name the people living around you.



3.Create constant survival anxiety by making survival depend on money, and then making money artificially scarce. Administer a money system in which there is always more debt than there is money.



4.Divide the world up into property, and confine people to spaces that they own or pay to occupy.



5.Move life, especially children’s lives indoors. Let as many sounds as possible be manufactured sounds, and as many sights be virtual sights.



6.Remove as much as possible all opportunities for meaningful self-expression and service. Instead, coerce people into dead end labor just to pay the bills and service the debts. Seduce others into living off such labor of others.



7.Cut people off from nature. At most let nature be a spectacle or venue for recreation, but remove any real intimacy with the land. Source food and medicine from thousands of miles away.

060.City Scape 2.32x51.Digital Manipulation.08.13 copy.jpg


8.Destroy the local stories and relationships that build identity, and replace them with celebrity news, sports team identification, brand identification, and world views imposed by authority.

maxresdefault (2)


9.Replace the infinite variety of the natural and artisanal world, where every object is unique, with the sameness of commodity goods.



10.Delegitimize or illegalize folk knowledge of how to heal and care for one another, and replace it with the paradigm of the “patient” dependent on medical authorities for health.



11.Reduce the intimate realm of social interaction to the nuclear family and put that family in a box. Destroy the tribe, the village, the clan, and the extended family as a functioning social unit.

IMG_4826 group hiking 2012-6-27

Cannabis and psychedelics can directly induce nonconformity, weaken consumer values, and make the prescribed normal life seem less tolerable, not more.  The growing movement to end the drug war might reflect a paradigm shift away from judgment, blame, war, and control towards compassion and healing.

11 Ways Our Society Treats Us Like Caged Rats: Do Our Addictions Stem from that Trapped Feeling? | AlterNet

Legalizing Cannabis Will Create Safer Drivers

Legalizing Cannabis Will Create Safer Drivers | Third Monk image 1


Evidence suggests that legalizing marijuana could make the roads safer, reducing traffic fatalities by encouraging the substitution of marijuana for alcohol.

A major reason to doubt the premise that more pot smoking means more deadly crashes: Total traffic fatalities have fallen as cannabis consumption has risen; there were about 20 percent fewer in 2012 than in 2002. Perhaps fatalities would have fallen faster if it weren’t for all those new pot smokers. But there is reason to believe the opposite may be true, that there would have been more fatalities if marijuana consumption had remained level or declined.

While marijuana can impair driving ability, it has a less dramatic impact than alcohol does. A 1993 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, for example, concluded:

The impairment [from cannabis] manifests itself mainly in the ability to maintain a lateral position on the road, but its magnitude is not exceptional in comparison with changes produced by many medicinal drugs and alcohol.

Drivers under the influence of marijuana retain insight in their performance and will compensate when they can, for example, by slowing down or increasing effort. As a consequence, THC’s adverse effects on driving performance appear relatively small.

Cannabis, the Safer Alternative


Given these differences, it stands to reason that if more pot smoking is accompanied by less drinking, the upshot could be fewer traffic fatalities. Consistent with that hypothesis, a study published last year in the Journal of Law and Economics found that legalization of medical marijuana is associated with an 8-to-11-percent drop in traffic fatalities, beyond what would be expected based on national trends. Montana State University economist D. Mark Anderson and his colleagues found that the reduction in alcohol-related accidents was especially clear, as you would expect if loosening restrictions on marijuana led to less drinking. They also cite evidence that alcohol consumption declined in states with medical marijuana laws.

A study published last month by the online journal PLOS One suggests that the substitution of marijuana for alcohol, assuming it happens, could affect crime rates as well as car crashes. Robert G. Morris and three other University of Texas at Dallas criminologists looked at trends in homicide, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny, and auto theft in the 11 states that legalized marijuana for medical use between 1990 and 2006.

While crime fell nationwide during this period, it fell more sharply in the medical marijuana states, even after the researchers adjusted for various other differences between states. Morris and his colleagues conclude that legalization of medical marijuana “may be related to reductions in rates of homicide and assault,” possibly because of a decline in drinking, although they caution that the extra drop in crime could be due to a variable they did not consider.

More Pot, Safer Roads: Marijuana Legalization Could Bring Unexpected Benefits | Forbes

The Artist’s Role in Society – Abby Martin (Video)

The Artist's Role in Society - Abby Martin (Video) | Third Monk image 1

Abby Martin‘s speech about the artist’s task in society mixed with awesome music by Explosions in the Sky and a selection of artworks by visionary artists. (Editor’s Note: Unfortunately the video was deleted by the author. Please check out the visionary art resources below.)

All art is a question mark, but only you know the answer to. In the broader picture, the warped value system in which we live has conditioned us to consider art as something unattainable, something unapproachable, as a rich man’s hobby.

Because the “powers that be” know that only through artistic expression and imagination we can envision a better world and work to create one. – Abby Martin


Abby Martin Full Speech – Zeitgeist Media Festival 2013

Street Art promoting social awareness from Mear One:



The Money System Is Driven By Waste and Division – Zeitgeist Movement (Video)

The Money System Is Driven By Waste and Division - Zeitgeist Movement (Video) | Third Monk

Erin of RT’s Boom and Bust brings you Peter Joseph, a filmmaker and founder of the Zeitgeist Movement.

Joseph believes that our current system is unsustainable, and he explains how the Zeitgeist Movement’s approach can improve the economy and society.

How would a non monetary society be more sustainable?

Because it would be based on actual technical premises of sustainability, things that we don’t do in the monetary system because market needs turnover. Market needs inefficiency. If you want to have a very robust market economy, you need an immense amount of things to service.

I’ll give you an example, cancer. If we’re able to resolve cancer, if we’re able to actually go after lifestyle factors, the genetic propensities, and stop this massive growth of cancer which is continuing on this planet, there would be billions if not trillions and millions of jobs lost tomorrow if this actual resolution was put forward.


John Lennon Quotes – Thoughts From A Psychedelic Mind

John Lennon Quotes - Thoughts From A Psychedelic Mind | Third Monk image 9

John-Lennon-quotes-watercolorWatercolor by Stefan Kuhn

John Lennon quotes get to the heart of the matter like an arrow from Apollo’s bow; precise and piercing, provoking the inner depths of our minds into expansion.


John-Lennon-quotes-enjoyDo what you love and you will love your life.

Summing Up Life

John-Lennon-quotes-count-friendsFocus on what’s positive in your life.


John-Lennon-quotes_5Let your love flow freely.

Lost in Translation

LennonDo not use God to divide the masses. United God smiles upon us all.


Lennon_3Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy and your life will align with that choice.


Lennon_7Be true to yourself.


John Lennon - Quote 9Get in touch with your inner most desires and move towards them.

God and Pain

John Lennon - Quote 8When you speak to and seek out God, focus on what you’re searching for; you’ll find all the answers are inside waiting for you.

What a World…

John Lennon - QuoteLive, laugh and love openly.

The End

John Lennon - Quote 10