A Stoner Tribute to Freaks and Geeks (Photo Gallery)

A Stoner Tribute to Freaks and Geeks (Photo Gallery) | Third Monk image 37


Freaks and Geeks was a stoner comedy-drama television series developed by Paul Feig and Judd Apatow, it launched several of its young actors into successful careers.

The show’s starting point is Lindsay Weir’s transition from her life as a hard working student, star “mathlete”, and proper young girl to an Army-jacket-wearing teenager who hangs out with stoners.

Her relationships with her new friends, and the friction they cause with her parents and with her own self-image, form one central strand of the show; the other follows her brother Sam and his group of geeky friends as they navigate a different part of the social universe, and try to fit in.



The Source


Bill Murray



Love, Mom


We Don’t Need No Education


Do They?


Stoner Plays Dungeons and Dragons




Don’t Slip


Ghost in the Shell


You Don’t Know Me



Keep it cool, playa


You’re Perfect


You’re Gonna Die





Whenever I see an opportunity to use any of the people from Freaks and Geeks, I do it. It’s a way of refusing to accept that the show was canceled.

In my head, I can look at Knocked Up as just an episode of Seth’s character getting a girl pregnant.

All of the movies relate in my mind in that way, as the continuous adventures of those characters. – Judd Apatow

Psychedelic Audio Visualizers (Video)

Psychedelic Audio Visualizers (Video) | Third Monk image 1

Audio visualizers generate animated imagery based on the sound and frequency of a piece of music. They can be an interesting addition to any bag of shrooms, as the synched music and visuals can lead one deeper down the rabbit’s hole.

People may enjoy watching these videos without the music on, but either way make sure to watch in High-definition.

After your trip, comment below on what other videos you enjoy watching on psychedelics.


Particle Tests – 3D Audio Visualizer


The Space We Live In


Entering The Stronghold


Electric Sheep Fractal Animation (No Audio)


The Fractal Plane by Christopher Ursitti

Mushrooms - Audio Visualizers

Bill Hicks – Marijuana Should Be Mandatory (Video)

Bill Hicks - Marijuana Should Be Mandatory (Video) | Third Monk image 2

Bill Hicks calls for mandatory marijuana, setting everyone straight on which drugs are better.

So I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs…anymore.

I used to take drugs and I quit, but I’ll tell you something. I have nothing against drugs whatsoever, that’s kinda weird, huh? Never heard that one, used to take drugs, quit, and have nothing against them. Wow, never heard that, let’s hear more. Okay.

I’ll tell you something else, and I know this is not a very popular idea, you don’t hear very often anymore, but it’s the truth. I have taken drugs before, and uh, I had a real good time.


Didn’t murder anybody, didn’t rob anybody, didn’t rape anybody, didn’t beat anybody, didn’t lose hmmm, one fucking job. Laughed my ass off and went about my day.


Now, where’s my commercial?

Shit I’ll be the guy holding that skillet in that commercial, man. That ain’t a brain, that’s breakfast. Let’s eat. What have been up – five days now? I’m fucking starving.

I find that commercial a tad insulting to my intelligence, you know the one, here’s your brain. I’ve seen a lot of things on drugs, but I have never, ever, ever looked at an egg, and thought it was a fucking brain. Not once.

I have seen UFO’s split the sky like a sheet, but I have never looked at an egg and thought it was a fucking brain, not once. I have had 7 balls of light come off of a UFO lead me on to their ship, explain to me, telepathically that we are all one and that there is no such thing as death, but I have never looked at an egg and thought it was a fucking brain.

Now, maybe I wasn’t getting good shit.

That’s what I hate about the war on drugs, I’ll be honest with you. It’s what I can’t stand, is all day long we see those commercials: here’s your brain, here’s your brain on drugs, why do you think they call it dope. And then the next commercial is: This bud’s for you, come on everybody, let’s be hypocritical bastards. It’s okay to drink your drug, we meant those other drugs, those untaxed drugs. Those are the ones that are bad for you.

Nicotine, alcohol, coincidently taxed drugs, ooo, how does this fucking work? Thank god they’re taxing alcohol man, it means we got those good roads we can get fucked up and drive on. Thank god they’re taxing this shit man, we’d be doing donuts in a wheat field right now, thank god we’re on a highway, woo, this is a good drug.

Cause I’ll tell you something, Ill be honest man, if I was going to legalize a drug it sure wouldn’t have been alcohol. Sorry. There are better drugs and better drugs for you, that’s a fact, you may stop your internal dialogue.

But, Bill, alcohol is an acceptab- shut the fuck up, you’re wrong..kay? kay.

Shit, not only do I think marijuana should be legalized. I think it should be mandatory. I’m a hard liner.

Think about it man, you get in traffic behind somebody. *Honks*

Shut up and smoke that, it’s the law.

Oh, sorry. I was taking life seriously. Oh man, who’s hungry?

That’d be a nice world wouldn’t it? Quiet, mellow, hungry, high people everywhere. Just Domino’s pizza trucks passing everybody. Every single highway, parades of Domino’s.

Let them get stuck in traffic, all our pizzas will be free.

I’m a fucking dreamer man…But I’m not the only one.

Dreamers, man.

Pot is a better drug than alcohol, fact, FACT. Stop your internal dialogue. But, Bill, alcohol is an accepta- shut up. You’re wrong get over it. Kay? Kay.

I’ll prove it to you man, you’re at a ball game or a concert and someone’s really violent and aggressive and obnoxious, are they drunk or smoking pot?

They’re drunk.

I have never seen people on pot get in a fight, because it is fucking impossible.

Hey buddy.

Hey, what?



End of argument.


Getting Doug with High, Doug Benson’s Stoner Podcast (Video)

Getting Doug with High, Doug Benson's Stoner Podcast (Video) | Third Monk image 1

getting-doug-with-high-aubrey-plaza-Alia Shawkat

Doug Benson invites his stoner comedian friends on Getting Doug with High for a weekly smoke session. The podcast starts with a ceremonial toke circle with the guests getting to choose their favorite method of getting stoned from Doug’s wide selection of tools which includes a broken Volcano vaporizer.

Doug gets into the High History of each guest to reminisce about the first time they met Mary Jane. As eyes get heavier and smiles get wider, Doug unleashes random games and magic tricks to trip out his guests.

Joey Diaz

Joey Diaz brings his medical cannabis infused “goomy bears” and gets Doug stoned to the gills.

Aubrey Plaza & Alia Shawkat

Doug Benson smokes weed with Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) and Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) on another episode of Getting Doug with High.

Eric Andre

Doug Benson gets Doug with Eric André, the star of “The Eric André Show” on Adult Swim.

Jenny Slate

Doug Benson smokes with his very first guest, Jenny Slate (Parks and Recreation).

Jeff Ross

Doug Benson welcomes the Roastmaster General Jeff Ross to the show for another episode of “Getting Doug with High”.


Subscribe to Doug Benson’s Youtube channel for more Getting Doug with High episodes featuring comedians like Anthony Jeselnik and Sarah Silverman.

15 Best Twilight Zone Episodes for Stoners

15 Best Twilight Zone Episodes for Stoners | Third Monk image 8

From Rod Serling’s smoke-filled introductions, to the inevitable twist ending, the Twilight Zone is a classic series for stoners. Smoke a bowl and imagine watching these broadcasts in the 60s on an old black and white set, and you might just get a feel for how revolutionary the Twilight Zone was.

Five Characters In Search Of An Exit


Five people awake in a giant metal cylinder, none of them able to remember how they got there. A soldier, ballet dancer, hobo, bagpiper and clown. No, it’s not a weird predecessor to Cube, though it certainly seems like it.

The five are stuck in this room, with no exits whatsoever, occasionally blasted by a huge noise, an enormous clanging that shakes them to the core. They need no food, no water, and have no feelings at all. The soldier is determined to escape, even though the others are despondent. Creating a tower, one one top of the other, the army major escapes, tumbling into the light of day. Where a small girl picks up a doll in army uniform, puts it back in the barrel, and a lady rings a bell asking for donations for an orphans’ home.


The Eye of the Beholder


A lady is in hospital after massive facial surgery to try and make her look like everyone else. For most of the episode she’s bandaged up like a bondage mummy, and all the other people in the hospital’s faces are kept in the shadows.

The twist is that she’s beautiful, and everyone else is terrifying looking! And then she runs away to live on an island of ugly/beautiful people, and lives happily ever after.


The Invaders


The entire sketch is shot almost without dialogue, with the only speech occurring in the closing minutes. There’s an old lady who lives in a sparse and poor country cabin, who is encounters two tiny aliens and a flying saucer. She manages to kill one and chases the other back to his spaceship. Just as she attacks it with an axe, we hear the alien broadcasting in American-English, warning of a planet inhabited by giants, who would be very difficult to defeat. As the ship is smashed by the giantess, we see the writing on its side: U.S. Air Force Space Probe No. 1.


The Midnight Sun


The Earth is careening into the Sun, and the only two people left in an apartment building are Norma — a painter, and Mrs. Bronson — the landlady, everyone else has run for cooler climes. With looters roaming the streets, the power all but disconnected, water strictly rationed, and the heat ever increasing, the two ladies struggle with the mounting temperature.

Just as things get get unbearable, the scene shifts to the apartment at night time, now bitterly cold. The thermometer sits at -10°, and Norma is in bed, with a fever dream, imagining her impending fiery doom. The Earth is in fact hurtling away from the Sun, promising an icy death to all its inhabitants. 


To Serve Man


Super smart aliens visit our planet, and fix everything. No more war, no more poverty, no more hunger. They just want what’s best for us! Government codebreakers frantically rush to translate a single piece of Kanamitian literature — a book called “To Serve Man”. Then, shock, horror! It’s a cookbook! They’re making us fat and complacent, and there’s nothing we can do now!

Creative Stoner Tattoos (Photo Gallery)

Creative Stoner Tattoos (Photo Gallery) | Third Monk image 19

Super stoners rep their love for cannabis and stoner culture with body art. See if you can find some inspiration for your next tattoo in this gallery of creative stoner tattoos.

THC Molecule Tattoo


Dream Catcher Tattoo


Stoner Panda Tattoo


Wake and Bake Raptors Tattoo


Pink Floyd Tattoo


Music Note Tattoo


Smoking Pipe Tattoo


Flower of Life Tattoo


Ganesha Tattoo


Weed Leaf Tattoo


Carved Tattoo


Mandala Tattoo


The Joker and Harley Quinn Tattoo


Weed and Music Tattoo


Waldo Tattoo


Tommy Chong Tattoo


Peacock Tattoo


Zombie Tattoo


Psychedelic Galaxies Tattoo


John Lennon Tattoo


Buddha Tattoo


Party Down – Stoner Comedy Collection (GIFs, Photo Gallery)

Party Down – Stoner Comedy Collection (GIFs, Photo Gallery) | Third Monk image 44


Party Down is a stoner comedy that follows a Los Angeles catering team. The group of aspiring Hollywood actors and writers, work small-time catering gigs while hoping for their big break or some positive change in their lives. Each episode finds the team catering a new event, and inevitably getting tangled up with the colorful, affluent guests and their absurd lives.

We compiled the best moments of Party Down in support of a future film starring our favorite stoner catering crew.

The Bright Side – Party Down


High on Life – Party Down


Pot Bust – Party Down





Irony – Party Down


Scissors – Party Down


Mushroom Trip – Party Down




Sex Secrets – Party Down


Baked – Party Down


Average – Party Down




Philosophy – Party Down


Pirate – Party Down


Munchies – Party Down


Influence – Party Down


Fireworks – Party Down



Gay Test – Party Down





Google Me – Party Down




It Matters – Party Down


Mummies – Party Down


The Goods – Party Down


Acting – Party Down


Fuck Room – Party Down


Sci-Fi and Fantasy – Party Down


Revenge – Party Down


Stoner Intelligence? Cannabis Found to Boost Growth of Brain Cells (Study)

Stoner Intelligence? Cannabis Found to Boost Growth of Brain Cells (Study) | Third Monk image 2


A new report offered by the Neurochemistry International Journal (Aug 2013) has discovered that cannabis’ CBC cannabinoid helps promote brain cell growth.

This study aimed at elucidating the effect of major non-THC phytocannabinoids on the fate of adult neural stem progenitor cells (NSPCs), which is an essential component of brain function in health as well as in pathology.

We tested three compounds: cannabidiol, cannabigerol, and cannabichromene (CBC), and found that CBC has positive effect on the cell viability of mouse NSPCs during differentiation in vitro.  

We measured ATP levels as an equilibrium marker of adenosine and found higher ATP levels during differentiation of NSPCs in the presence of CBC. Taken together, our results suggest that CBC raises the viability of NSPCs while inhibiting their differentiation into astroglia, possibly through up-regulation of ATP and adenosine signalling.

– Endocannabinoid Research Group, Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry, Italy

Brain cell growth boosted by CBC is one of many studies that are exploring the relationship between cannabis and the brain. Scientists like Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman are known as some of the smartest stoners who admitted to smoking weed.

Cannabis Cannabinoids and Brain Function


Cannabinoid Profile – Cannabichromene (CBC)

> New Research: CBC Cannabinoid Sparks Brain Cell Growth | Marijuana Research

Grass – The History of Marijuana Propaganda, Narrated By Woody Harrelson (Video)

Grass - The History of Marijuana Propaganda, Narrated By Woody Harrelson (Video) | Third Monk

Woody Harrelson shows some stoner love by narrating this cannabis awareness documentary for free.

Grass: The History of Marijuana explores the history of the American government’s official policy on marijuana in the 20th century. Rising with xenophobia with Mexican immigration and their taste for smoking marijuana, we see the establishment of a wrong-headed federal drug policy as a crime issue as opposed to a public health approach.

Fueled by prejudice, hysterical propaganda and political opportunism undeterred by voices of reason on the subject, we follow the story of a costly and futile crusade against a substance with no ill effects that has damaged basic civil liberties.

Listen to Woody’s stoner observations in Thoughts From Within, a Stoner Poem on Society


The Hilarious “Dangers” of Marijuana Addiction (Video)

The Hilarious "Dangers" of Marijuana Addiction (Video) | Third Monk image 1

Using the same sarcastic tone as Tim Meadows when he warns Dewey Cox about all the awesome benefits of smoking marijuana in Walk Hard, the creator of this video combines a bunch of anti marijuana propaganda to point out the obvious.

You have to go to ridiculous lengths (Reefer Madness) to try to paint something so positive in a negative light. The propaganda worked for decades but people are now informed about the bullshit myths surrounding cannabis.


VICE’s Weediquette – Butane Hash Oil (Video)

VICE's Weediquette - Butane Hash Oil (Video) | Third Monk

VICE’s Weediquette column is getting the video series treatment. In this initial episode, Weediquette column writer The Kid delves into the wild world of butane hash oil extraction. 

Every Sunday for the past eight months, the Weediquette column has told a weed story, be it a profile on an odd character in the weed world, a trend in the newly legal drug, or an anecdote from my exceptionally stoned life. When you smoke this much weed, stories tend to find you, and one of the things that found me was just too big and too awesome to be conveyed through text alone.

It began with an intriguing comment on a Weediquette article. A kid from Denver said, “Dude, you should be dabbing errl.” There was very little available information on this phrase at the time, so I ventured to friend this kid on Facebook in hopes of getting some answers. Having smoked for as long as I have, I didn’t expect to learn anything new about weed, but the kid from Denver humbled me quick.

He was describing Butane Hash Oil, or BHO, a marijuana extract that is pretty much pure THC. People have been making marijuana extracts for millennia, pounding, churning, and milling green plant matter to separate its natural resins, yielding a more concentrated product. For ages, we called this stuff hash, but a new method of extraction came about that was so much more effective that the product itself looked different, had a different texture, and most importantly, got you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fucking higher.

Simply put, BHO is made by blasting marijuana with butane, a solvent that takes all the THC with it and nothing else. Evaporating away the butane leaves only the resin, a viscous, amber-colored, waxy substance. BHO is vaporized, either in a pan or using a dabbing pipe, which is where the phrase “Dabbing Errl” comes from—you blowtorch the titanium bowl piece until it’s red hot, then you use a pointy tool to press the oil onto the metal and it bursts into a vapor cloud that you inhale rapidly.

The most notable thing about the high from BHO is that it makes you feel the way you did when you smoked the first time. It’s a high that envelopes you and renders you pretty much useless, but the bliss that comes with it is unmatched. After that first hit, I was obsessed and took to the internet to explore this wonder substance further.

Alas, every rose has its thorn, and I soon discovered that the thorny side of BHO arose from the process of making it, a precarious procedure that can literally blow up in your face. Over the past couple of years, there have been an increasing number of instances of people fucking up the BHO-extraction process and severely injuring and even killing themselves. Naturally, this made me want to see the process in person. So we found a lunatic who makes BHO, and the rest is in the episode.

What began with a simple blog comment led me to some of the weirdest weed characters and weed places I’ve ever met and seen, things worlds apart from the tie-dye stereotypes of yesteryear. To me, getting high was just a recreational practice without a need for optimization, but the weed-hungry world disagrees and here we are, exploded faces, teenage highs, and all.

Check out the Weediquette column, Sundays on VICE.

weediquette feature

> Butane Hash Oil | VICE

Workaholics – Funny Stoner GIFs Collection (Photo Gallery)

Workaholics - Funny Stoner GIFs Collection (Photo Gallery) | Third Monk image 10

The Workaholics crew Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson are awesome stoners that experience hilariously dysfunctional and batshit crazy scenarios at their telemarketing firm.

Here are some GIFs that capture their best moments from Workaholics.

Cannabis, the answer to everything.


Trippin and Eating


It’s kicking in.


You asked for it.


Books OG


Weed War


Shroom Story Time


Bear Pimp


Drink and Smoke.


Angry and Hungry