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Destino by Salvador Dali and Disney (Short Animated Film)

Disney combined traditional (hand-drawn) animation and computer graphics to bring Dali's surreal vision to life.

Surreality GIFs by Bill Domonkos (Gallery)

Domonkos' surreal GIFs are created using archival photos and vintage film footage, effectively smacking reality in the face, leaving us with a sense of the impossible made surreal.

Psychedelic Dimensions of Consciousness, Larry Carlson Art Gallery

Each image has an out of this world feeling. The colors and visuals all coalesce with the viewer's imagination, it's like looking into an optical illusion where there's more behind each artistic piece.

Remedios Varo – Surreal Goddess of Psychedelic Art

Remedios' art resembles the world of dreams; she attempts to represent the internal state of the soul externally through her paintings.

Thomas Barbèy, Surreal Psychedelic Art Gallery

Who knew psychedelic art could be black and white?

Alexander Wells, Mind Blowing Illustrated Art Gallery

Dark mystery laden illustrations with a distinct presence.

Pavel Tchelitchew, Surreal Paintings Art Gallery

Tchelitchew's paintings suggest the transcendence of the spirit over material substance.

Surreal Reality Distortion Paintings, Vladimir Kush Art Gallery

Kush uses trippy paintings to explore the themes of consciousness and human progress.

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