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Magic Mushrooms Stimulate Growth of New Brain Cells (Study)

Evidence shows that the psychedelic experience is actually deeper than giggles and awesome visuals.

Terence McKenna, Alan Watts – Surrender Your Ego to the Universe (Video)

What I am involves what you are, the problem is you see... We haven't been taught to feel that way.

Terence McKenna – Shrooms Are Organic Space Probes Sent to Earth by Aliens

Mckenna believed that mushroom spores were able to survive space travel to become the catalyst of human evolution.

Terence McKenna – The Role of Psychedelics in Simulation Theory (Video)

An artistic presentation of a Terence Mckenna lecture about simulation theory and how code can be the language of life.

Terence McKenna – Cannabis Edibles and Creativity, Animation (Video)

Eating large doses of cannabis changes it into an extremely powerful psychedelic experience.

Terence Mckenna – Cannabis Breaks the Chains of Mental Slavery (Video)

The reason the establishment is so hysterical on the subject of cannabis is because it erodes loyalty to the industrial state.

Terence Mckenna – Culture is Your Operating System, Reset it with Shrooms (Video)

When you shed the cultural operating system, then essentially you stand naked before the inspection of you own psyche.

Terence McKenna – Stoned Ape Theory, Animation On Shrooms and Human Evolution (Video)

Shrooms are alien, spores can travel through space unharmed. When did they get here?

Psychedelics is Our Bond to a Living Planet – Excerpts From Terence McKenna’s Food of The Gods

Mckenna's book explores how natural and synthetic drugs have shaped the development of mankind.

Life Without a Psychedelic Experience is Like Dying a Virgin – Terence Mckenna

Both experiences are necessary for living the story of a stoned ape on planet earth.

Terence McKenna – DMT Revelations, Hypothesis, and Experiences (Video)

Terence Mckenna sheds light on the DMT frontier and urges us to push the limits to new discoveries.

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