Gregory Bojorquez – Capturing Los Angeles (Photo Gallery)

Gregory Bojorquez - Capturing Los Angeles (Photo Gallery) | Third Monk image 5

Gregory Bojorquez has been photographing the people and places within Los Angeles for years. Whether capturing women in Hollywood, his hot lady friends, crime, or musicians, he keeps it raw and in your face.

Take a view of what inspires him to document LA culture in its various manifestations.

Lincoln Heights Park
My friends and I were drinking wine in the park and my friend Michelle started riding a swing. I timed the shot and snapped my Rolleiflex just as she paused at the peak.


No Cruising
This photo was taken at a gas station in Montebello on a Sunday night. Sunday nights in the summer time were cruise nights on Whittier Boulevard, which is about a mile south of this photo. The police started pulling over everybody and harassed them to discourage the cruising.  Some of the cops had their guns drawn on the occupants of the low riders as one cop yelled into his speaker that I was in the line of fire.



I shot this photo on the street in front of Snoop’s house. He rolled and smoked three blunts in about an hour.



Tony Ward Downtown
I was shooting a suit story of my friend, model Tony Ward for a magazine in Paris that was doing an ‘Icon’ issue. I wanted this establishing shot with the Downtown skyline to tie the spread with Los Angeles.

Best Songs of 2011 Featuring Childish Gambino, The Black Keys, ASAP Rocky, The Weeknd

Top 20 Best Songs of 2011 | Third Monk

Third Monk Presents the Best Songs of 2011

Best Songs of 2011 (#18 – #11)

18. A.Dd+ – Insomniac Dreaming

Featuring a neck-breaking beat from Black Milk, the track  finds A.Dd+’s Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun detailing the topics that keep them up at night. The whole venting/getting-shit-off-my-chest approach obviously isn’t new to hip-hop, but it’s rare that it’s executed this well. If you’re still sleeping on these guys, you better wake up.


17. Wale ft. Miguel – Lotus Flower Bomb

This mellow track from Wale finds him spitting verses about his lady love while Miguel provides the hook. Lotus flower is named “padma” or “kamala,” which also means vagina.


16. Vic The NorthStar – How I’m Doing

Ottawa-based emcee Vic the Northstar spits about his grind and hard work, a testament to his youth and ambition.


15. J. Cole ft. Trey Songz – Can’t Get Enough

J. Cole and Trey Songz hang with a beach full of babes in their video for Can’t Get Enough. Eventually they’re joined by Cole’s label mate Rihanna, who waves a flag, puffs on a cigar, and plays in the sand in her home country of Barbados.


14. Rockie Fresh & Casey Veggies – Duckin N’ Dodgin

Rockie Fresh and Casey Veggies were two of the nominees for the XXL Freshmen List, the two bring their summertime, cruise friendly Hip-Hop duet to the forefront with the visual at somebody’s country club.


13. The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

The Black Keys are still hot from the breakout success of their previous album Brothers, and “Lonely Boy” from their latest El Camino proves that the band’s still got a handle on crafting amazing hooks.


12. Miguel – Sure Thing

Every once in a while something comes out of those speakers and catches you off guard. Miguel’s got the same recipe as everybody else, but he’s tweaked it just enough to make his songs distinctive. The bass on Sure Thing sighs in the most soothing way just before the beat drops.


11. The Cool Kids Ft. Bun B – Gas Station

The simple hook, the patient kick drum and snaps, and Mikey’s smooth-talk laziness “Throw it in reverse for a shorty with the works/Write my number on some paper then throw it in her purse/As I ride by, first things first/nine times out of ten that cool shit usually works” all recall vintage Cool Kids.

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