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I Can Break These Cuffs! – Trolling the Police (Video)

Possibly the funniest arrest ever captured on COPS.

How To Become A Cult Leader (Video)

A hilarious, disturbing breakdown of the techniques that cults use to indoctrinate new members.

Comedian Louis C.K. Learns About the Catholic Church (Video)

Driven by simple curiosity, Louis C.K. does some investigative reporting about the Catholic Church. His findings are illuminating, funny, and ass-rapingly sad.

Unexpectedly Funny: Slow Motion Turns Neil deGrasse Tyson into a Stoner (Video)

Who knew slow motion was all it took to turn Neil deGrasse Tyson into a Stoner!

Boondocks Sketch Show – Tubesteak the Trolling Rapper & Black Jesus (Video)

The only way to survive the thug life is to be a troll.

The Greatest Trash Talkers Ever (Video)

The following individuals have taken trash talk and refined it to an art form. A sword of words and intimidation that they use to cut through their opposition.

How To Do the Tom Cruise Movie Sprint (Video)

Learn Tom Cruise's sprinting method to save your girl from danger!

Creative Loafing Trolls UFC Fighters About Getting Hit in the Face (Video)

Rashad says getting knocked out feels like camera shake during a movie.

Russian Citizens Troll Police with Hugs and Kisses (Video)

A different approach to protesting police corruption.

Funny Boxing Trainer Clowns His Rich Unathletic Students (Video)

Former Boxing Champion turned trainer, Eric Kelley has no tolerance for whack skills at his gym.

10 Best Staged Splash Mountain, Disneyland Ride Photos

Stoners represent by playing Monopoly while riding Splash Mountain.