Alexander Wells is a freelance illustrator living in Brighton. His art’s unmistakable style focuses on simple compositions accentuated by masterful coloring.

Using a mix of traditional and digital mediums, Wells creates mystery laden illustrations that have a distinct presence.

Alexander Wells Illustrated Art Gallery

 Fox and the Crow

Fox and the Crow Cargo_1200

 Field and Stream

Field and Stream Cargo_1200

 Digital Cops

Digital Cops cargo

Glenfiddich #1

Glenfiddich1 cargo_1200

Glenfiddich Overview

Glenfiddichoverview2 cargo_1200

Jellyfish Detail

Jellyfish detail 1 Cargo_1200


Jellyfish Cargo

 Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk cargo_1200

 Tiger Mask



GROSS - detail cargo_1200

 My Eternal Guardians

My Eternal Guardians sized_1200

Guardian MY

Guardian MY cargo

Naive Poster

Naive Poster cargo2

Oh Great Captain

Oh Great Captain  cargo

Port #1


Port #2


Port #4



Redbreast cargo

The Foundation

The Foundation cargo6

The Silver Sword Cover

The Silver Sword Cover Cargo

The Tiger of Summer

The Tiger of Summer cargo

Tobe Hooper

Tobe Hooper cargo

Vibe Magazine

Vibe Magazine cargo_1200

Vibe Magazine #2

Vibe Magazine 2 cargo_1200

For more on Alexander Wells check out his blog. You can also view more of his art here.

> Illustrations | Wells Illustrations


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