Chrome Sparks is the project of Jeremy Malvin, a musician and producer living in Brooklyn. With a background in classical percussion, Jeremy combines his love for synthesizers, beat music, and dance music into a unique blend. 

Chrome Sparks – Marijuana (Live)


Marijuana sampled a 1977 track from Idris Muhammad:

Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This

Tous – The Chillwave Cat

An industrious dude was asked to babysit his girlfriend’s cat, and made the above video in the process. Shared to Reddit the clip presents a day in the life of a very alcoholic orange tabby, set to the soothing/trippy sounds of Chrome Sparks’ “Marijuana.”

The production — a mix of Washed Out-style chillwave and Flying Lotus-owing electronica — is truly the perfect fit to this visual. – SPIN Magazine

Chrome Sparks – Marijuana (Extended Mix)



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