Mark Farina is a Chicago born disc jockey and musician best known for his acid jazz music. 

Mark’s trademark style, Mushroom Jazz is a blend of acid jazz and organic productions infused with urban beats.

His downtempo music is a great addition to any psychedelic journey.


Mark Farina – Mushroom Jazz 18

Mark Farina – Mushroom Jazz 5


Mushroom Jazz Live, San Antonio (1997)

Mark Farina – Mushroom Jazz (Album 1998)

0:00 Bossa Nova – Mr. Electric Triangle
5:09 Remember Me – Blue Boy
9:23 Get This – Groove Nation
15:15 Pick Me Up – Deadbeats
19:46 Gibby Music – Apollo Grooves
27:54 Midnight Calling – Naked Funk
33:10 Midnight Calling (Fly Amanita Remix) – Mark Farina
36:40 If We Lose Our Way – Paul Johnson
44:11 In Hale – Hydroponic Groove Session
53:50 Warm Chill – Julius Papp
1:00:24 Music Use It – Lalomie Washburn
1:06:11 Longevity – J Live


Listen to more of Mark’s music here.


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