Dogs in Australia lick the hallucinogenic sweat off cane toads to get high in this clip from Cane Toads: The Conquest.

Some dogs are so desperate for a fix they deliberately hunt down the frogs to stimulate the excretion of the psychedelic sweat, then lick their prey.

To say a dog or a cat is having an hallucination is impossible, but some do star gaze or track something across the room that isn’t there and others just stare out of the cage while we’re monitoring them – Jonathon Cochrane, University of Queensland’s School of Veterinary Science

Unfortunately, there is only a small amount of the psychoactive chemical Bufotenin secreted compared to the dangerous toxins in the sweat. Most dogs are able to overcome the poison by instinctively limiting the amount they lick.

A psychedelic toad trip has to be more intense than a catnip trip, add dogs to the list of animals that love to get high.



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