Fist of Jesus is an outrageously bloody comedy short film about a Jesus who kicks ass in a world full of Zombies, Mutants and Sinners.

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We want to make our 90 minute Feature Film in the style of the 80’s B movies, avoiding computer FX at all costs – we do not want digital effects. We want our monsters to be entirely physical, and when a corpse bursts open it looks real and spatters the actors! This means that most of our budget will go towards the creation of physical FX – makeup, characterization, animatronics. 

Our dream is to make a comedy that is a cross between the New Testament and “Mad Max”, with the humor of “The Life of Brian” and the style of Peter Jackson’s early works like “Bad Taste” or “Braindead”. Above all it is an epic movie – Jesus’ journey compared to that of Odysseus or Atreyu in “The Never Ending Story” or any of the “Conan” films, but crazier, in the style of Ash in “Army of Darkness”. – Directors Adrián Cardona & David Muñoz.

Fist of Jesus
Fist of Jesus-1


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