The quickest way to enlightenment is to lighten up. Let’s take a moment to laugh at some funny church signs with racy implications.


funny church sign

Good Advice

funny church sign 1


tongue play

Unconditional Love

size doesn't mattter

Right Where it Belongs


I Give and I Give and I Give

until it hurts

Cant’s Stop, Won’t Stop

keep on hoeing

Knee Pads For Everybody

on her knees

You Know Who To Call…and It’s Not The Ghostbusters

who touched you

Next Time Try To Behold a Little Longer

not too quick

And Here I’ve Been Walking On My Two Feet Like a Jackass

on your knees again

*Shakes Head*…LOL

hold on next time

Sounds Like This Sermon is Going To Be A Deep One

peter in where

Price of Admission

entry fee

And It’s Not Oil Based

smile, lube up

Great for Who?

great things

What if You’re Ambidextrous?

pleasures forever


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