How Animals See The World Opening

As a human being that needs glasses to see the accepted norm of 20/20, I’ve always been interested in how our visual perspective of the world varies so greatly. Even among humans there are color discrepancies and a difference in our ability to focus.

Animals extend this question further by being able to see things that are not even perceivable to the human eye. After a new study, scientist have found that  cats, dogs and many other mammals may see in ultraviolet light.

How Animals See The World

I love thinking about how animals see the world and all the things our human eyes aren’t able to perceive. Our ingenuity through science and technology leads to gadgets that give us the ability to comprehend what it looks like to see these wavelengths.

Using that information it is possible to hypothesize the reasons for these unique animal abilities.

Check out this sweet infographic below, peace.

How Animals See The World Infographic

How Animals See The World Infographic


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