Chimpanzees are our closest relatives but dogs have figured out human behavior better than our primate cousins.

This video gallery shows awesome examples of the communication and emotional intelligence that dogs use to cooperate with a different species.

Empathy Jailbreak

Strange things were happening at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home when dogs were found wondering free in the night. They fitted CCTV and they found the culprit, a dog who just wanted his homies to party with him.

Dog Creates a Game for Himself

Don’t worry guys, the dog has an owner. He wasn’t homeless. This was taken in Kobe, Japan for those wondering. – Ryan Faw

From the Dog’s Perspective

Scientists could soon have the answer to what exactly goes on inside the brain of man’s best friend, with scans to canine brains.

Brain Activity of Dogs

Many dog lovers make all kinds of inferences about how their pets feel about them, but no one has captured images of actual canine thought processes — until now.

Emory University researchers have developed a new methodology to scan the brains of alert dogs and explore the minds of the oldest domesticated species. The technique uses harmless functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), the same tool that is unlocking secrets of the human brain.

Jumpy the Dog

Jesse the Butler Dog

Jesse tackles chores that most humans wouldn’t find enjoyable, complete with his award-winning smile. All taught with positive reinforcement =o) – Just Jesse



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