Kim Jung Gi is a korean artist who enrolled into a Fine Arts School at the age of 19. After 3 years of absorbing fine art, he dropped out to become a cartoonist.

I observe things all the time. I don’t take references while I’m drawing, but I’m always collecting visual resources. I observe them carefully on daily basis, almost habitually. I study images of all sorts and genres. -Kim Jung Gi

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-hostage

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-eating

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-shark-dentist

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-mermaid-sushi

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-ink-back

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-animal-warriors

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-riding

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-anima-soldiers

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-warriors

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-sex

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-love-snipe

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-war

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-gengis-khan

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-pulp

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-sin-city

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-ink-work

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-guns-rides

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-heart

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-sketches

Kim Jung-Gi-sketch-art-photo-gallery-drive

Kim Jung-Gi – Sudden Attack, Drawing Demo

Kim Jung Gi – Conflict, Drawing Demo

Kim Jung Gi – Epic Hour of Illustrating Mastery, Drawing Demo

You can support this awesome artist by checking out the sketchbooks on his website,


    • Don’t tell people to see a therapist. You cannot judge someone’s character or mind based on the art they produce. Hitler produced lovely, Kinkade style landscapes and then went on to murder hundreds of thousands of people. Just sayin’.

  1. horrible looking drawing…he obviously never learned how to draw proper prelims or ink like the pros it seems….


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