A stop motion video with Mear One painting a thought provoking mural in London.

Filmed and Produced by Roger L. Griffith
Music by Nosaj Thing

I came to paint a mural that depicted the elite bank cartel known as the Rothschilds, Rockefellrs, Morgans. The ruling class, the elite few, the Wizard of Oz. They will be playing a board game of monopoly on the backs of the working class. A symbol of the free mason pyramid rises behind this group, behind that is polluted world of coal-burning nuclear reactors.

I started noticing that the people were giving me some strange looks. I was feeling some serious heat and anger from them. I continued to try to express my intent but they were not trying to hear me. I felt that I was all alone.

The next day I painted in the bankers in with the playing board and noticed that people started to become more curious.

My third day, I got the working class holding up the game board painted in, and the people were smiling saying how much they were enjoying the evolution.

Come the fourth day, there was a street festival going on, and the people were engaging me on the subject matter of the mural,  old white men to Muslim children were explaining how us Americans were spending beyond our means and how we don’t understand what our military does around the world.

My mind was blown, this whole experience transformed my whole understanding of the game. I finished my mural, drank a beer, smoked a joint, and converesed with the people My dream to paint a mural that would rally people together and inspire conversatan of things that matter was just realized. – @mearone

Mear One – The Economic Monopoly of the Ruling Class Gallery






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