This simulation envisions what a giant mirror orbiting Earth would reflect in our sky.

When the disco moon is in low orbit, each reflection of the sun appears as a tiny sun, although you can never reflect enough light to get above the temperature of the surface of the sun (about 6000 degrees).

When as near as the ISS, the Earth surface to disco-ball-moon surface distance is 420 km or so. The orbital period in relation to the earth is realistic, about a 2.1 hour period.

This awesome animation was by Yeti Dynamics (creator of the planets at the moon’s distance simulation)

Disco Ball Specs

The large mirror-tiles are 150km squared, and the small ones are 100km squared.
They are all 10 km thick with glass (with an IOR of 1.56)
There are 3012 mirrored tiles

yq2yv7uydygenave3xso disco-earth-moon-abstract-disco-ball-1799045-1920x1200


  1. the glass sky firmament is a disco ball pretty much. Moon looks like a bunch of diamonds on it, or an dragon egg.


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