Nyjah Huston 2

Nyjah Huston has got skills for days. His smooth style makes his tricks look even doper as he flip tricks into and out of sick grinds and gnarly jumps.

Huston has been dominating the street circuit with 1st place eluding him only 6 times since 2010. Nyjah has owned 1st place since Street League Skateboarding 3rd Series in New Jersey in 2012.

Below you’ll find some sweet video compilations of Nyjah Huston killing it on his skateboard, he may fall at times but he always gets up and delivers a showstopping trick, enjoy!

Nyjah Huston Skating Highlights

Rise & Shine

Skills Compilation 1

Skills Compilation 2

OG Edit

Yo, if you’re wondering why Andy Gibb’s “Shadow Dancing” track is chilling on this page, let me fill you in.

All the videos are amazing but I find that this track playing in the background while watching the “OG Edit” video is straight money. So mute that sucker and hop on this track while Nyjah Huston shadow dances all over the scene.


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