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Top 10 Chilled Out Samples in Hip Hop History (Video)

Find out what track the Luniz sampled for "I Got 5 On It".

Eternal Enemies – Lions Vs Hyenas, National Geographic Documentary (Video)

Lions own the jungle but they are challenged daily by vicious packs of hyenas that compete for prey.

Patrice O’Neal – The Nasty Show (Video)

Patrice puts the "Nasty" in The Nasty Show.

Dock Ellis Throws a Baseball No Hitter Under LSD, Acid (Video)

A hilarious animated moment by moment account of a psychedelic sports milestone.

Dirty Laundry, The Punisher Short Film (Video)

Thomas Jane didn't like the big studio version of The Punisher, so he made his own and the results are awesome.

Twenty Basic Plots of Screenwriting

In Oldboy, the concept of revenge knows no limits.

Hitchhike Across America With David Choe, Vice Thumbs Up! Season 1 (Video)

David Choe tags his street art across the nation and gets rides from interesting characters along the way.

Barack Obama’s Stoner Career Highlights

Obama has to pretend he's anti marijuana for now, but he's really looking out for stoners.

Reindeers Crave Magic Mushrooms (Video)

How else did Santa get them to fly?

Gibbon Monkey Trolls Two Tigers (Video)

A monkey kicks two tigers out of his territory by trolling them.

Jennifer Jayleen Martinez – Time Of Your Life (Video)

Jayleen plays the role of a perfect stoner girlfriend.

Oleg Shuplyak Optical Illusion Painting Gallery

A talented oil painter uses hidden images to turn his paintings into trippy optical illusions.

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