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Carlos Santana – Soul Sacrifice Live Woodstock 1969 (Video)

Santana performs at Woodstock while tripping out of his mind.

Bobby Lee Animated Mad TV Stories (Joe Rogan Podcast) (Video)

Hilarious tales from the Mad TV set.

Miss High Times Bakes Weed Brownies (Video)

Can't go wrong with a girl who stocks cannabis butter.

Kevin Hart – Thug Fight Talk

You wanna go night night nigga?

Jhené Aiko Spotlight (Photo Gallery, Video)

Jhené loves to sing about sex and weed.

Zoom By Istvan Banyai, Perspective In A Sequence of Drawings (Photo Gallery)

A story told with changing viewpoint drawings.

The Best Scenes of Riki-OH Compilation (Video)

Scenes from the ultra violent and ultra hilarious classic.

Pablo Escobar Matrix – David Choe (Video, Photo Gallery) (NSFW)

Pablo's place gets tagged up by David Choe and his two real estate agents.

Batman – Unmasked, The Psychology Of The Dark Knight Documentary (Video)

The History Channel explores the psychology of Batman and his foes.

Godfrey – White Women’s Workout (Funny or Die) (Video)

A funny infomercial featuring fitness and racism.

Stoner Girls Smoking Weed Photo Collection #1 (Gallery)

There is no such thing as a perfect match, unless it's girls and weed.

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