The MPC (Music Production Controller) is an electronic drum machine used for powerful sampling, interfacing and sound manipulation tools, which broaden the use of instrument beyond just drum and rhythm tracks. Many hip hop producers like Pete Rock and DJ Premier use the MPC to create their classic beats.

I tend to program my drums, but a lot of the time I’ll turn off the 16th notes and I’ll play the MPC live, so it sounds like live drumming. I like it to sound loose, and this is why my drums have a little bounce to them, more than with most people. I’m a big fan of Neil Peart from Rush and Buddy Miles, and in my whole production it’s about the drums. – DJ Premier

Fresh Kils – Enter the Dragon

Fresh Kils comin’ in with a tribute to Bruce Lee in a fitting little ditty called Enter the Dragon. Twitter: @freshkils flips Bruce’s battle screams into a crazy beat.

Durazzo – Within Arms Reach (On 2 MPCs)

Durazzo takes on two MPC 2500s for the live performance of his “Within Arms Reach” beat using Hugh Hopper and Alan Gowen’s “Morning Order”, which also was the sample used in Common’s “Nag Champa”. @Durazzo controls the chopped samples with his right hand and his left hand plays the drums to pull everything together. The performance is 100% in realtime without any sequenced loops.

Objektiv One – Everywhere A Million

This is a routine I have been working on for awhile! I flip this sample to death until I can’t flip it any more. From grimey, to spacey, from technical to banging. Its all fun and games. Enjoy. – Objektiv One now known as DataHowler

Exile, DJ Day – Red Bull Session

Wanting to bring live beatmaking, or “MPCism” as Exile calls it, he and DJ Day came up with the idea to create this routine using a D. Train sample used originally on Exile’s Dirty Science album. @ExileRadio resamples D. Train and DJ Day builds onto that using sampled notes and bass from the same song.

Araabmuzik – MPC MVP Session

The self-proclaimed MVP of the MPC, @Araabmuzik transitions eleven times into different types of hip-hop beats, even touching on some rock samples.


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