Rumors suggest that Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” synchronizes with Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey, when played concurrently with the final segment (titled “Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite”).

“Echoes” was released three years after the film’s production and is 23 minutes and 31 seconds in length; similar to the “Infinite” segment.

Sound effects in the middle of the song convey the feeling of travelling through, or flying over, an alien world.

The drone vocalizations heard in the final scenes of 2001 seem to match with the discordant bass vibrations in the middle of “Echoes”, as well as the choral glissando’s of its finale.

Another notable link occurs during a change in scene at precisely the moment when guitar and keyboards crescendo as the lyrics re-enter for the final verse.

The early lyrics vaguely convey reference to planets, which seems entirely suitable for the film’s depiction of Jupiter and it’s moons.

Adrian Maben re-created this marriage of music and image using CGI in his Director’s cut of Live at Pompeii.



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