A selection of the top 100 quotes from The Wire, the greatest TV show ever made. Note: Video contains spoilers from all 5 seasons.

Fans of the Wire know that the writing is outstanding. The stories are sprawling, epic, Greek-tragic ruminations on the nature of American conquest and the sacrifices made by the people at the bottom of the ladder on behalf of the ineptitude of those at the top. What’s more, the dialogue is this thick gun-blast of hardened profanity, street slang, police argot, and the undeniably Shakespearean pleasures of hearing gifted orators hold forth on the tilted battle between good and evil.

Enjoy this outstanding compilation of 100 of the greatest quotes from “The Wire”, it’s a jaw-dropping reminder of how many amazing moments this show had.  For those of you who still haven’t seen “The Wire”: you owe it to yourself to pack a bowl and watch it. It gets old telling people “Yes, it really is that good” all the time.

Bonus: The Wire – Other 100 Greatest Quotes

So many fans complained about their favorite lines not being included in the first video. The creator happily obliged by creating a second video of the greatest wire quotes.


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