Joe Rogan talks about one of the best psychedelic experiences he’s ever had that didn’t involve a drug. The elevation of the Keck Observatory in Hawaii is so high, you can only reach it by driving up and past the clouds.

You have this incredible view of the stars, where you see the whole milky way like a movie. I was staring into the impossible, I remember being upset that I couldn’t see this every night.

That’s up there all the time, and by not seeing that and just making it this blank screen, you lose the feel for what’s really going on.

When you’re on top of an observatory and you look out at this incredible view of the stars, you realize we are really in space right now, on a big organic spaceship. – Joe Rogan Experience #371 with Rick Doblin, Founder of  Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

Astronauts that go into space and look back down at earth experience the overview effect. The view from above causes a shift in consciousness and a reminder of how much wonder exists in the universe.

Laser_Towards_Milky_Ways_Joe Rogan



  1. It really is amazing how little we are exposed to the nature of things anymore. A sad commentary on the mis-use of our planet is that we can hardly tell that its there anymore. I have a pond upstate and mostly you can’t see more then a couple distant lights at night, and when the sky is clear, it is amazing to just sit outside in the dark and let it wash over you.


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